Welcome to the April Update! If you aren’t one of our Patreons, there’s been a lot of shifting since our last update. If you are a patreon, thank you for your help, there’s only been a slight shift since Friday morning. Let’s have a look.

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In the 2018-only ranking, Toronto FC have not been having the greatest season. Despite some success in the Champions League, they last ended that competition with a loss (that still pushed them to the next round), and they’ve not been faring well so far in the regular season. In contrast, Vancouver Whitecaps FC has been doing very well, which sends them to the top of our ratings. Montreal Impact FC has seen mixed results, and although higher than the MLS-average, remain mired in 3rd.

The USL side of things has allowed for some see-sawing between Toronto FC II and Ottawa Fury FC. Sadly, their head-to-head this past weekend was postponed, which delays a really good look at which is the better side at the start of the season. Despite the postponement, the young Reds currently sit below the Fury in the 2018-only.

The cumulative ratings have seen a major narrowing. Toronto FC remains at the top, but they’ve lost a lot of ground. Vancouver Whitecaps FC have been doing their best to make up the gap below them as well, which is putting the two teams on a collision course in the ratings. If Toronto FC fare poorly in the Champions League tonight, we could see that margin thin even further. Montreal has improved their cumulative ratings, but still sit in a distant 3rd.

In 2nd-division cumulative, both Ottawa Fury FC and Toronto FC II have seen their elo-ratings drop. They remain in 4th & 5th, respectively, but the gap between them and Montreal has widened. If these teams continue to drop, we may see PDL’s Thunder Bay Chill make a run for the #5 position once their season starts up.

With the exception of the US Open Cup, we now have a schedule for all season & cup competitions in the top-4 divisions. As a result, we now have a pretty good idea concerning this year’s weighting. As the PLSQ is no longer is doing home-and-away aggregate matches for its cup competition, there’s a slight shift in the weighting there, but otherwise, everything is as it was announced previously.

There are a lot of matches happening in April. If you’d like a weekly update on the elo-ratings, consider donating $1/month through Patreon. All proceeds go toward keeping the site running, so it’s definitely for a good cause. At that same donation-level, you’ll also receive access to Patreon-Only posts, like Champions League updates. Otherwise, I’ll be back with our monthly elo-update in May.


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