October was a big wrap-up month. With only the MLS final remaining, this month in review will be pretty quickly followed by a year-wrap post. We also saw the Challenge Trophy roll out, and (as I added in LSEQ & NBPSL), I’ve run the 2019 Challenge Trophy competition through the spreadsheet as well. So we’ve movement all over the chart.

Top by League & Biggest Movers

Forge FC have overthrown Cavalry FC for top-spot in the Canadian Premier League. This is due to their victories in both legs of the Championship.

Challenge Trophy sides have been reordered due to their performance in the competition. MMSL’s Winnipeg Lions dropped from 951 to 938 points, Holy Cross shot up to 879 from 874.

On the USSF-side, TFC’s semi-final victory have propelled them to new heights. If the club can win the final, it will finish 2019 with the highest score any Canadian team will have earned since these ratings started tracking in 2017.

Naturally, the biggest gains go to TFC (up 78.232) and Forge FC (up 45.585). Third largest growth goes to United DFC of the Nova Scotia Soccer League, who are up 32.675 for their performance in the Challenge Trophy competition.

On the other side of the equation, Cavalry have shed 28.422, followed by Valour FC (down 27.825). Third largest drop goes to FC Edmonton (down 21.810), as a result of the closing rounds of regular season play in the CPL.


We’ve a single match remaining, so we’ll be able to wrap-up the 2019 ratings soon.

However… I will be unveiling a new in December, including teams in 3 BC Leagues (which run through the winter). All the “Challenge Trophy Leagues” (including the Saskatchewan Cup, BC Cup, and Ontario Cup) will be included (and recalculated to include the Challenge Trophy) back to competitions that start in Spring 2017 (where possible).

Here’s where 100-teams rank, based upon data from Spring 2017 through September 30, 2019:

Although we will be posting the 2019 wrap-up here shortly, our $1+ Patreons will still be treated to regular updates.

Our Patreons will be the first to see the new separated V-Cup/Open Cup and Challenge Trophy ratings, and they will be the only ones to see a combined ratings including both sets of interlocking competitions. But we’ll get into that a little more in December.

Stay tuned, there’s plenty to come.

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