With the MLS now concluded and Seattle taking the final match, Toronto FC have substantially dropped points this month. Despite this, the Reds have gained 33.589 points when compared to their 2018 close, bringing them to a total rating of 1486.172.

There really isn’t much to say, given the outcome, so we’ll keep things short this week.

Here are the final standings at the conclusion of the 2019 season:

Although 2019 is a wrap, our $1+ Patreons will still be treated to regular updates.

Our Patreons were the first to see the new separated V-Cup/Open Cup and Challenge Trophy ratings, and they will be the only ones to regularly see a combined ratings including both sets of interlocking competitions. Three BC-leagues compete through the winter, so there is always more content coming.

We’ll get into what you can expect in December, including a refresher on our methodology, updates to league starting points, how the Challenge Trophy leagues fit in, and what you can expect for our publishing schedule.

Stay tuned!

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