We at NSXI would like to apologize for the recent storm that has come out of the now-pulled article “Missing the (Trade)Mark on canPL Club Names”.

Jeff Salisbury writes with a particular intensity which we have become familiar with. Consequently, we did not give the article the scrutiny that we should have.

Not only should we have protected our readership from the harshness of the article, we should have protected Jeff as a writer; helping him to change the article in a way that maintains the integrity of his message without using such inflammatory and negative tools to get the message across.

We at NSXI have an incredible amount of respect for all of the people working hard to make the Canadian Premier League a reality, and the last thing we want is to damage the league and the people behind it. One of the roles we try to fill is creating a place for discussion, but we freely admit we missed the mark this time.

Cheers everyone, keep dreaming #canPL !

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