Archives & Projects


Solarpunk Canuck

Solarpunk Canuck is an e-journal of a Canadian’s efforts to make a localized solarpunk reality. The site examines & promotes community building & environmental efforts, which involves considering both successes and failures.

Northern Ontario Soccer

Crater’s Edge

Crater’s Edge is part of an ongoing project related to soccer in Northern Ontario. With all soccer cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2 years without any real updates effectively killed the site before I could get it off the ground.

Canadian Soccer

NSXI Network

NSXI Network Logo

This extensive archive includes articles I wrote for the NSXI Network, a journalism & op-ed site dedicated to Canadian Soccer. These 139 articles span 2015-2020.


Dad At Home

These articles are archived from a briefly-run blog related to my time as a stay-at-home Dad. As I turned my attention to other things, I decided that I would not be maintaining the website.

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