This year is definitely a tough one. With COVID in the middle of its second wave, trying to find a way to feel cheerful for the kids as Christmas approaches is sure to be a challenge for many people. This is doubly the case with income trimmed in advance ofthe holidays.

Five Ways to Build Spirit

  • Decorate early & involve the kids. Although this is often a tiring chore for many people, and although it will take at least twice as long, getting the kids involved in decorating will not only keep them occupied, it will help build their excitement for the season and your own.
  • Create a smart home “Christmas Mode.” When I say the right words, not only do my main lights go green & red, but christmas music starts playing at a higher than usual volume.
  • Crafts. Every few days, put together another craft for the kids. Whether it’s a felt christmas tree, a paper snowflake, or decorating some bells, always have something handy for the little ones. Have them pick a friend or family member and create a card or decoraton just for them.
  • Learn the songs & teach them to the little ones. You may want to pull your ears out, but once they get the tune, popping a santa hat on the little ones and having a good sing-along is a great way to nurture some seasonal spirit.
  • Holiday movies & shows. There’s a lot of these out there, and if you have any streaming service, there’s plenty to choose from. Pop one on during or after supper, and watch the excitement grow.


These were just five ways to build the holiday spirit for your family during this COVID Christmas. There’s certainly a lot more that can be done and we’d love to hear what you’re doing to make things cheerful.

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