You’ve read our Drinking with Supporters series. Now you can enjoy some of the drinks and scarves from across the country.

With the average retail value per mystery box, not including shipping, working out to $120, this is a great deal to get your hands on some limited items that are not readily available across the country.

Each mystery box contains:

  • 2 Voyageurs Scarves
  • 2 different Supporters Group Scarves
  • 2 cans of Craft
  • A “Nickel City” Surprise

One lucky buyer will obtain a bonus 3rd Supporters Group Scarf.

Supporters group scarves and craft are randomly selected from:

  • Barton St Battalion with Ransack the Universe by Collective Arts Brewing
  • Foot Soldiers with Citradellic by Big Rock Brewery
  • Pile O’ Bones with Peanut Butter Milk Stout by Pile O’ Bones Brewing Co.
  • Red River Rising with Rouge by Fort Garry Brewing Company
  • Privateers 1882 (under old name Halifax Wanderers)
  • Bridge City Firm with Original 16 Copper by Great Western Brewing
  • Centre of the Universe

Additionally, Red Line by Torque Brewing will be included with either Centre of the Universe or Privateers 1882 (decided by blind draw).

With only 3 packages available, act quickly to get yours. As we bought (almost) everything at retail, we’re really not making any money off these orders, so additional donations are welcome as well. All proceeds will be rolled back into the site so we can keep it running and (maybe) do a 2nd round of these articles with different supporters groups in 2019.

Order your package today.

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