For most Canadians, it will seem odd that leagues continue play through the winter. For people in British Columbia, it’s a regular occurrence, with most summer soccer leagues used as a way to keep fit until the real season begins. It’s an interesting dichotomy, but one that helps BC determine its representative in the Challenge Trophy competition well in advance.

Three leagues have been active over the past month: the Fraser Valley Soccer League (FVSL), the Vancouver Island Soccer League (VISL), and the Vancouver Metro Soccer League (VMSL). With 33 matches played between them since the beginning of December, there’s been quite a bit of shuffling in the rankings.

The three biggest gains for the month are:

Team (League) ChangeOld RankNew Rank
Coastal FC (FVSL)+17.7306th3rd
Port Moody SC (FVSL)+17.33514th10th
Rino’s Tigers (VMSL)+11.08860th48th

The three teams to drop the most rating points are:

Team (League)ChangeOld RankNew Rank
CCB Azad (FVSL)-15.355107th112th
Langley United (FVSL)-11.16819th25th
Burnaby Selects W Eagles (VMSL)-10.38675th102nd

Top by League

LeagueTeamRankElo Rating
VMSLBCT Rovers Hurricanes2nd918.775
FVSLCoastal FC3rd905.013
VISLCowichan FC11th871.214

Between now and January 15th, there are an additional 16 matches, despite the winter holidays. Most of these matches are in the VMSL, but it promises to shift the ratings quite a bit between now and then.

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