Jan 2020 Elo Ratings - Challenge Trophy Divisions
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16 matches were scheduled in British Columbia between our mid-month elo rating updates in Dec 2019 and Jan 2020. Sadly, weather did not permit a lot of the matches to play out. It seems BC can have a winter, every now and again.

Although all the Fraser Valley Soccer League matches were cancelled, there were 9 matches in the Vancouver Metro Soccer League, so there’s still some movement over the course of the month.

The three biggest gains in the Jan 2020 update are:

Team (League) ChangeOld RankNew Rank
Rino’s Tigers (VMSL)+14.79048th34th
Croatia SC (VMSL)+9.0496th5th
Coq Metro Ford Wolves (VMSL)+7.76024th20th

The three teams to drop the most rating points are:

Team (League)ChangeOld RankNew Rank
Guildford FC (VMSL)-10.480122nd122nd
NVFC Norvan (VMSL)-9.75012th14th
Burnaby Selects W Eagles (VMSL)-8.116102nd104th

Top by League

LeagueTeamRankElo Rating
VMSLBCT Rovers Hurricanes2nd911.032
FVSLCoastal FC3rd905.013
VISLCowichan FC11th871.214

Between now and February 15th, all three BC Leagues will be in play. There are 71 matches scheduled, so we will see a lot of movement as these teams try to qualify for the BC Cup (which is used to qualify for the Challenge Trophy competition).

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