12 Feb 2020 - Challenge Trophy Elo-Ratings
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The past month has witnessed a variety of matches across 3 leagues, plus two rounds of VMSL’s Imperial Cup. Although the opening matches of VISL’s Jackson Cup occurred last night, results were not available at time of composing this article.

However, we are starting to see some more dramatic shifts across the table. Just as importantly, we’re starting to learn which teams are being relegated, and which teams will be promoted for the 2020-2021 season.

The three biggest gains in the February 2020 update are:

Team (League) ChangeOld RankNew Rank
Westcastle United (VISL)16.0171612
Abbotsford United (FVSL)12.2532116
Lakehill FC (VISL)10.0982421

The three teams to drop the most rating points are:

Team (League)ChangeOld RankNew Rank
Mid Isle Mariners (VISL)-20.681121123
Club Inter EDC FC Burnaby (VMSL) -13.5122330
BCT Rovers Hurricanes (VMSL) -11.903 23
Top by League
LeagueTeamRankElo Rating
VMSLBCT Rovers Hurricanes3899.129
FVSLCoastal FC5895.914
VISLCowichan FC10875.732
Confirmed Promotion/Relegation
Vancouver Metro Soccer LeagueTo Premier:
Richmond FC Hibernian *
To Division 1:
Guildford FC *
ICSF Columbus FC *
Fraser Valley Soccer LeagueTo Umbro Premier:
To Division 1:
Vancouver Island Soccer LeagueTo Division 1:
Comox Valley United
Victoria Highlanders FC
To Division 2:
Mid Isle Mariners

* Unofficial

Between now and March 15th, all three BC Leagues will be in play, plus competition will expand to include the Imperial Cup, Pakenham Cup, and Jackson Cup. We should also know who will be relegated & promoted, and we should now most of the sides that have qualified to the BC Cup (which is used to qualify for the Challenge Trophy competition).

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