The off-season certainly had its ups and downs. Five teams in the Voyageur’s Cup / Open Cup leagues closed up shop, five new teams were formed, and one team switched leagues.

With all these changes, there are some shifts in the Voyageur’s Cup elo ratings since we provided out sneak-peak in the methodology article.

New teams come in at the calculated league average. As a result, Atlético Ottawa shoots into 6th, FC Manitoba enters at 17th, Celitx de Haut-Richelieu begins play at 27th. Hamilton United Elite & North Toronto Nitros kick off tied for 30th.

With our next Voyaguer’s Cup elo rating update scheduled for March 2nd, Montreal Impact will have played 3 matches, while TFC & the ‘Caps will both play their opening match.

Depending upon the results, we could see Montreal overtake the Canadian Premier League champions, Forge FC, and move into 2nd place.

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Bonus: Combined Elo Ratings

As kick-off for the 1st professional match of 2020 occurs on February 18th, we’re pleased to provide a snapshot of where the clubs stand at the pro-season’s launch.

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Full Elo Ratings - 18 Feb 2020
Full Elo Ratings – 18 Feb 2020 – Click for Full Size
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