Welcome to Solarpunk Canuck

Solarpunk Canuck is an e-journal of a Canadian’s efforts to make a localized solarpunk reality. This site examines & promotes community building & environmental efforts, which involves considering both successes and failures.

SC includes reactions & ruminations related to various environmental podcasts & publications, while featuring local efforts to improve the situations of people from all walks of life.

If you’d like to know more this site’s intentions, be sure to read our introductory article.

Once again, welcome to Solarpunk Canuck.

Some of my active projects:

Lush, green vegetables growing in a green house during the summer.

Food Sovereignty

Two small solar panels mounted on the side of a house.

Power Reductions

& Renewable Energy

White GoVa Bus with yellow, orange, and blue "transit" lines in front of a shopping centre.


Modes & Usage

Featured Charity

Anishinabek Nation

The goal of the Anishinabek Nation 7th Generation Charity is to establish a foundation that will help improve the quality of life for First Nation communities and citizens. Donations help support culture, education, social, youth, elders, and emergency & disaster relief.

To support the needs of our people.


Please note:

Solarpunk Canuck is not associated with the above charity in any way.

Our promotion of this charity should not be considered as evidence of any direct connection to any groups represented by the charity.

We support this charity and believe that you should too.

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