With all leagues now seeing some action, there’s been a little movement on the charts this month. League 1 Ontario, Permiere Ligue de Soccer du Quebec, the USL PDL, and the Pacific Coast Soccer League all played their first matches of the season this past weekend. Although not all teams played, enough stepped in that we can begin to see some movement from Canadian teams new & old. Scroll to the bottom to see a complete chart.

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First, the top 5 teams. There was no change in the top 5 this month. Vancouver continued to hold steady at the top. Toronto improved their standing, and Montreal basically went unchanged since they didn’t play much outside of the Champions League all month. The largest movement in the top 5 came from Ottawa Fury FC, which continued their dramatic slide. The team was briefly knocked into 6th place, until the L1O’s Toronto FC Academy (6th place, no change) lost their match to Sigma FC (8th place, no change). If the Fury hope to remain in the top 5, they’re really going to need to step up their game in the very near future as it seems unlikely that Toronto FC Academy will keep losing, especially given their unbeaten record last season.

The largest moves came in 3rd division play. With a bastion of new teams starting play, this first weekend gave them their initial shuffle, so some jostling with USL teams was expected. ANB Futbol (15th place, +5) of L1O moved up the most, primarily due to jumping a collection of new L1O & PLSQ teams just getting their first minutes of play. Similarly, the 8 place drops of L1O’s Windsor Stars (22nd, -8), Master’s FA Saints (24th, -8), Durham FC (26th, -8), and PLSQ’s AS Blainville (25th, -8), are in large part due to a new set of numbers on the board. However, the drop of USL’s Vancouver Whitecaps 2 cannot be entirely blamed on new teams as they have now been overtaken by Toronto FC II (17th, +2). It’s also interesting to note that only 8/21 teams in 3rd division play, are above their league starting point (1000 pts), with none of the USL teams making riding above the line.

In terms of 4th division, none of the Canadian PDL teams have started play yet. The first Canadian PDL match won’t happen until May 16th, so as a result, there has been little movement as a result of their play. The PCSL had their first matches of the season this past weekend, though there are still a couple of teams that have yet to see play. As the season is only a handful of games in, it’s not really possible to see any trends developing among 4th division teams.

05_2015 ELO

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