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This extensive archive includes copies of articles that I wrote for the NSXI Network, a journalism & op-ed site dedicated to Canadian Soccer. These 139 articles span from 2015 – 2020.

Images may not be included with the articles, as they are an import from what I was able to export from the original source.

Sadly, the NSXI Network folded at the beginning of 2022 and no longer exists.

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2019 Top Canadian Soccer Teams – July Update

The CPL Spring season has come to a close. We've seen ups and downs from all the teams in the league, giving us a pretty good indication of where they sit in relation to each other. As we move forward, we'll finally get to see how one CPL Team faces up against one USL...

CPL Path to 2020 CCL – Mid-June Update

With the 2nd round of the Voyageur's Cup complete, and another important league qualifier match out of the way, the route to the 2020 CONCACAF Champions League is clearing up I've written two articles on this topic so far. In the first article, I outlined the two...

CPL Path to 2020 CCL – Updated Standings

The CONCACAF Champions League represents the top clubs throughout CONCACAF. Canadian Premier League teams are eager to show how they measure up against the greats (and not so greats) within the region, but they need to first qualify for the competition. As you may...

2019 Top Canadian Soccer Clubs – May Update

April finished off with a number of big wins and troubling losses. With the top-4 leagues, comprising 12 Canadian Teams, now actively playing, there's been some interesting movement that is important to watch. Top by League & Biggest Movers It all came down to the...

2019 Top Canadian Soccer Clubs – April Update

Two leagues were active throughout March. Although Ottawa Fury gained points, there's a sizeable gap between them and the bottom of the CPL. As a result, only the 3 MLS sides saw much movement in terms of rankings this month. Let's see how everything shook out, and...

2019 Champions League – QF Wrap-Up

The Champions League quarterfinals are complete. We know who advances, who they’ll face, and with our elo-ratings, who likely will, or won’t, advance.

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2019 Top Canadian Soccer Clubs – March Update

One team to represent our country on the international stage. Toronto FC standing forth, winner of the Canadian Championship, ready to battle through to the finals once again... er... maybe not. With only one team competing in February, one would think there wouldn't...

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