With everything going on in the world right now, it’s pretty difficult to keep kids happy. In my case, both kids are home full-time until at least September. This is immensely draining for everyone, but remaining active is very important.

I’m in a unique situation, as I’m also in the process of recovering from leg surgery. As a result, I’ve been ramping up the activity as lockdown continues. Although we had a bit of a cold snap for a few weeks, playing outside in the snow is one of the best things for kids.

Yes, it’s cold and bundling up the kids takes entirely too much time. But the fresh air and exercise for are great ways to tire the kids out.

As I’m also working on my own rehab, I love loading up the kids on the sled and dragging them around. 20 minutes clockwise, 20 minutes counterclockwise, and run them around. With the kids now over 70 lbs combined, it’s a heck of a workout.

Beyond running circles, kids love going down a snow hill, so we’ve been piling our snow from the driveway into a single hill. Due to COVID-19, our siding hills in the area are all closed, so this is a good way to give the little ones a taste of that experience.

It isn’t perfect, but the crisp, fresh air and exercise really help tire the kids out enough that they aren’t tearing up the house.

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